The newly scientifically created bio-structured NiacinMax boost oxygen flow up to 50 percent and provide high energy levels for up to 600 percent. It is the most effective niacin supplement because it is formulated using a unique delivery technology. Most other conventional supplements such as powders, pills and liquids have poor bioavailability, making them not to be absorbed efficiently in the body. They have to go through your entire digestive system before they get into the bloodstream and reach the cells.

What makes NiacinMax Unique?

NiacinMax Box

NiacinMax is a unique supplement compared to others because it does go through the digestive system. This means that it is not affected by the acids found in the digestive system. It is available in form of a thin film that dissolves fast under the tongue. When it dissolves, it releases 75 mg of pure niacin direct into your blood stream.

The supplement is bio-structured with liposomes meaning that it is protected until when it reaches your body cells. The shielded, targeted delivery system makes NiacinMax to have higher bioavailability that any other niacin supplements. This means that you get all the benefits provided by it and not just some of it.

While most other supplements give 10-15 percent of their active ingredient into the bloodstream, NiacinMax provides up to 90 percent of pure niacin straight into the bloodstream. This is what makes it forty five times more effective compared to all other supplements.


NiacinMax Supplement Facts

This supplement offers several benefits that you might not get from other related supplements.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • It can be taken anywhere you are without liquid
  • Acts very fast, therefore you get quick results
  • Has a pleasant citrus taste that makes it friendlier to take
  • Mild flush
  • There are no side effects involved

Boosts flow of oxygen in the body 

NiacinMax has the ability to help break through all the barriers that makes it hard for you to achieve peak performance physically. It helps boost oxygen circulation in the body for up to 50 percent by increasing your blood flow, increase your blood cells and protect the cells from oxidative damage.

This makes it possible for you to perform at your optimal performance both mentally and physically. The supplement helps widen your blood vessels, making it possible for blood that is rich in oxygen to flow through them efficiently. The increase in nutrients, oxygen and hormones to your body muscles boosts your endurance and stamina.

This makes it possible for you to train at a high level intensity for a longer period without feeling tired. It also helps deliver more oxygen to the brain. Just like your muscles, your brain requires oxygen to perform in the right way. More oxygen in your brain during training helps improve your concentration and focus. Therefore, you will be able to react fast and make more accurate decisions.

Increase production of red blood cells

NiacinMax has also proven to increase the production of red blood cells. This maximizes the delivery of oxygen to your brain and muscles. With increased amount of red blood cells in your blood, it means that more oxygen will be transported through your body leading to improved performance.

Increases Human Growth Hormone levels in the body

NiacinMax also helps increase the level of Human Growth Hormone in your body by more than 600 percent. This is a hormone that is responsible for stimulating nucleic acid and synthesis of protein in the cells. It does this by increasing production of insulin like growth factor.

This makes it effective in recovery, growth and muscle repair. HGH has the ability to rehabilitate injured tissues and sore muscles leading to faster growth of muscles and allow you take less time to recover from injury.

How to use the supplement

The liposomal encapsulation technology used to formulate NiacinMax and its targeted delivery makes it the strongest niacin supplement.

How to take the supplement

NiacinMax strip

Each of the citrus flavored NiacinMax strip gives 75 milligrams of niacin per application. You should place it under your tongue. It will dissolve within a few seconds, thus releasing the niacin into the bloodstream directly.

Take it one time in a day in the morning when your stomach is empty. You will get satisfactory results if you train three to five hours after you have taken it. This is because it is at this time that the delayed HGH effects begin to kick in.

To get even more benefits from the supplement’s powerful HGH release effects, you can decide to take a second dose three to four hours before you rest to bed. It is advisable to take it this ways if you train at least five times in a week.

Why you should take it in on an empty stomach

Taking the supplements in the morning when your stomach is empty means that there is less fatty acid in your bloodstream. This makes it possible for you to get the full power of niacin’s HGH releasing properties when you start to train. You need to wait for about ten minutes before you can eat.


Niacin Smart Film

Niacin is an essential vitamin that is needed by all people. It is 100 percent safe to use. It is formulated using 100 percent pure ingredients that do not have any side effects to the body. It has also undergone through extensive testing to ensure that it is 100 percent safe to be consumed.

Precautionary measures

Despite that niacin is an essential vitamin; it is good to check with your doctor if it is right for you to take it. This is in case you are breastfeeding, pregnant or suffer from kidney, liver, heart diseases. You should also consult with your doctor if you suffer from other medical conditions.